Technical Structure and Commerce mode

The "" block data is stored in a chain structure. All the blocks have a pointer reference to the previous block, to ensure that the data is not tampered with. The SHA-256 function is used to hash the file gene again, by ECC asymmetric encryption algorithm for authentication, AES encryption algorithm to encrypt the private key, and Merkle authentication and storage transactions.

The "" team has independently developed a file gene extraction and comparison technology that supports digital files in various formats like photo, video, audio and text, and can search 100 million photo galleries per second to ensure that the works are substantively tested and the file gene is encrypted into Blockchain books. Originators at home can enjoy 7 * 24 hours online copyright protection services.

Due to the large number of works and subjects involved in copyright transactions, and the nonidentity of originators and programmers, long-run availability of device connected to the blockchain can’t be guaranteed. So, "" did not adopt the typical PoW mechanism, but adopted a witness mechanism with reference to the DPoS mechanism. The witness can testify about the generated blocks.

The Meaning of DCAex
Review substantially to solve the problem of copyright works registration
Solve cross-border copyright distribution and rights issues, and realize global IP business
Solve the problem of crazy network piracy, and infringement clues that cannot be grasped in time
Reduction of distribution links, and transparency of transaction
Our Advantages
Internationalized professional team
The DCAex team and its consultants come from Canada, Switzerland, China and India. They have rich working experience and many relationships in copyright industry, digital creative industry and blockchain area.
Mechanism of Infringement monitoring and negotiation
The DCAex team has already had its own online copyright monitoring ability. In the future, it will build a copyright rights consultation platform to ensure the rights of the original creator.
Quick application
The DCAex team has successfully stayed in contact with more than 10 digital creative content platforms and has cooperated with the official copyright channel in order to provide official copyright registration services online. The original creators can enjoy 7*24 online copyright protection services at home.
Understand the essence of copyright
Certification storing is just a simple application of blockchain copyrights. Unlike other blockchain copyright projects, we are centered on sharing promotion and copyright trading.
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