Technical Structure and Commerce mode

The "" block data is stored in a chain structure. All the blocks have a pointer reference to the previous block, to ensure that the data is not tampered with. The SHA-256 function is used to hash the file gene again, by ECC asymmetric encryption algorithm for authentication, AES encryption algorithm to encrypt the private key, and Merkle authentication and storage transactions.

The "" team has independently developed a file gene extraction and comparison technology that supports digital files in various formats like photo, video, audio and text, and can search 100 million photo galleries per second to ensure that the works are substantively tested and the file gene is encrypted into Blockchain books. Originators at home can enjoy 7 * 24 hours online copyright protection services.

Due to the large number of works and subjects involved in copyright transactions, and the nonidentity of originators and programmers, long-run availability of device connected to the blockchain can’t be guaranteed. So, "" did not adopt the typical PoW mechanism, but adopted a witness mechanism with reference to the DPoS mechanism. The witness can testify about the generated blocks.

The Meaning of DCAex
Review substantially to solve the problem of copyright works registration
Solve cross-border copyright distribution and rights issues, and realize global IP business
Solve the problem of crazy network piracy, and infringement clues that cannot be grasped in time
Reduction of distribution links, and transparency of transaction
Our Advantages
Internationalized professional team
The DCAex team and its consultants come from Canada, Switzerland, China and India. They have rich working experience and many relationships in copyright industry, digital creative industry and blockchain area.
Mechanism of Infringement monitoring and negotiation
The DCAex team has already had its own online copyright monitoring ability. In the future, it will build a copyright rights consultation platform to ensure the rights of the original creator.
Quick application
The DCAex team has successfully stayed in contact with more than 10 digital creative content platforms and has cooperated with the official copyright channel in order to provide official copyright registration services online. The original creators can enjoy 7*24 online copyright protection services at home.
Understand the essence of copyright
Certification storing is just a simple application of blockchain copyrights. Unlike other blockchain copyright projects, we are centered on sharing promotion and copyright trading.
Oriented Exchange
The original DCAex is Token, referred to as DCAex. Token is generated in the genesis block of the DCAex, and Token in circulation,serving as the application layer to carry out asset transactions,can also be used as a witness fee paid to the witness during the payment process.
Object of exchange: investors from different institutions worldwide(Except the Chinese, the Americans, the Japanese)
Targeted exchange rate:
    1ETH = 20000DCAex
Quantity of release:
300 million DCAex
Exchange currency accepted: ETH
All-locked mechanism of six months. 50% of Token will be released at the distribution, and in the following 5 months,10% of Token will be unlocked and released every month.
Coin distribution plan
Use Amount of Coins Proportion in Total Amount Remarks
Oriented Exchange 300 million 30% 6-month Lockup Period
Monitoring Mining 100 million 10%
Ecological Incentives And Community Promotion 200 million 20%
Foundation 200 million 20%
Team 200 million 20% 24-month Lockup Period
In total 1 billion 100%
Core founding team
Miryousef Mirghorban
Chairman of the DCAex Foundation, graduated from School of Engineering, University of Tehran, majored in mathematics at Bowman State Technical University in Moscow; worked in Europe, Thailand, Japan, and Canada for 15 years after graduation; an early investor of Bitcoin who founded a number of software companies after 2007.
Technology Master from the Headquarters
He was the senior development engineer of Canada Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association, with more than 10 years of experience in international software projects, worked in India IGATE Patni, Aristocratic Technology, and Canada IGT company. With super leadership and technical ability, he worked as the president over the development of a number of blockchain and game projects.
Zhang Qikui
Technology Master from the Headquarters
He got the master degree from China University of Petroleum, and with 10 years of software development experience, he worked in Haier, Datang Telecom and China Aerospace Science and Industry Group, participated in the national immigration management system, ID chip inspection system research and development. He created the earliest largest Chinese NFC technology forum. Then studying in Canada, he worked in the NASDAQ listed company west as a senior software engineer.
Zhao Yong
Market Leader in Asia-Pacific
An expert in digital copyrights as well as a forerunner of the copyright blockchain with MBA from Renmin University of China; founder of, a copyright protection platform for visual works; founded, a sports and social networking platform in 2006, and appointed by the headquarters of several World Top 500 Enterprises as high-ranking official. He is among the first group of national outstanding innovative and entrepreneurial mentors by Ministry of Education, co-sponsor of Design Platform Union and joint writer of textbook of Culture + Internet Entrepreneurship of Ministry of Education, and have successfully established a significant network of connection in the field of copyright services and digital creativity.
Yin Shijie
Market Leader of Great China Region
An angel investor in the blockchain field, co-founder of Sanhai Education, founder of Kaota Education, general manager of Hongji Datong Investment Co., Ltd., and director of online education program of Pearson China. With more than 10 years of experience in education industry and 6 years of experience as an angel investor, he is among the earliest blockchain researchers and bitcoin players in China, and has successfully invested several blockchain projects, such as UGT.
Ji Xiang
Technical Leader in China
Ph.D. degree in computer science from Penn State University. He worked in Silicon Valley for eight years with Microsoft and Yahoo's on AI and Internet projects . He was one the founding members of Bing real-time search. He invented the application of Yunpai, the first successfully launched augmented reality application in the world and widely used by hundreds of print media. He served as the Partner of the VateGroup, and the vice president of Chinese Entrepreneur of Silicon Valley.
Zhang Xu
Technology Master of Great China Region
An expert in blockchain technology, co-founder of Block News; with 10 years of software development experience, he once worked for CNPC, CASIC, and Blockchain Technology Application Research Institute, quite familiar with the underlying technology of blockchain, and once presiding over the development of several Ethereum-based projects, thus accumulating rich connections in the field of blockchain technology.
Han Xiaolei
Technology Master of Great China Region
An expert in Python, Internet of Things and early player of Bitcoin, with 15 years of experience in software development; also a senior expert in core algorithms of copyright gene extraction, and person in charge of software for a 863 project in China. In 2015, he entered the copyright technology field and completed the architecture design, development and implementation of picture comparison system and software and hardware system of copyright monitoring system.
Jin Mengjia
Product Creator of Great China Region
An expert in mobile payment and online education technology, graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University. He has more than 10 years of experience in the industry, once working for 263, Ambow Education, Lenovo Group as a person in charge of sales. He has established Beijing AOTIME Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Matou Information Technology Co., Ltd., and once served as former vice president of YiDa Group, with strong network resources and experience in the management of product development team, online education, and mobile payment.
Cao Shuqi
Investment Creator of Great China Region
An early player of Bitcoin, once working for the investment and research department of a large brokerage firm in China; He has accumulated 12 years of experience in securities investment and focused on the blockchain investment in 2016.
Wu Tiebing
Copyrights Commerce Master in China
He is the co-founder of Positive Energy Intellectual Property Company, and a former sale manager in North China division of TiandaTiancai Company. He founded a number of design products companies such as Rui Hongda jewelry, Rui QiYu jewelry. Since 2016, he has been involved in the field of copyright authorization. He has the distribution channels of copyright authorization of fine art works. He started his business in Yiwu for 10 years and has profound relationship nets in goods production and wholesale.
Guo Songjie
Copyright Commerce Master in China
He is the senior film and television post-producer, and he has ten years’ experience in film and television industry, the founder of Wubuwei film and television company. He once worked in China Film Group, PaiHua culture, and CGPOWER. He was involved in the production of a large number of film and television drama works, such as "To the Sky Kingdom", "Mr. Six", "Inheritors," "Beginning of the Great Revival", "The happiness of my eldest brother.” “My Chief & My Regiment", and have a large number of relationships in film and television digital special effects field.
Advisory Team
In order to keep abreast of the latest market information and industry development status, "" has hired a number of industry experts as project consultants, project management to provide professional advice.
Huang Lianjin
Chief Technical Advisor
Member of ACM Practitioner Board of America, CEO and Founder of Distributed Business Application Company of America, blockchain expert of China Electronics Association, managing partner of Dynamic Fintech Group of Silicon Valley, chief technology expert of World Blockchain Organization (WBO) of United Nations. He has worked for CGI Corporation of America for 18 years and has served as director of security technology, director of cloud security and chief security architect.
Tim Converse
Investment Consultant
An investor and a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, expert of blockchain and internet technology. He has previously held senior management positions at Adobe, Linkedin, Ebay, Microsoft, Yahoo. Also, he’s an author of PHP Bible.
Steven A. Schumeister
Copyright Business Advisor
Senior Copyright Attorney. He’s the managing partner and the commercial chairman of Robins & Kaplan LLP Copyright Law Firm (Top 5 in the United States).
Li Dawei
Co-founder of ZB Exchanges, founder of Bitcoin in China, bitcoin pre-emigrant, and senior investor in blockchain.
Ye Hanxin
Financing consultant
Encrypted Capital CEO, founder of Lianchi technology, and senior investors in blockchain.
Wu Yuanwen
Technical consultant
Blockchain and big data application experts, JINGTUM TECH CEO, president of the United Nations WOGC Organization blockchain Institute, vice president of Blockchain Financial Association, deputy secretary general of Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance, Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance Standard Committee director.
Lu Jian
Guidance Counselor
BefundCMO, a Mother fund of digital currency; former vice president of Beico, one of the founders of Venture Capital Alliance of HKUST, and an early project investor of digital currency. He served as chief operating officer of MONTESEA and co-founder in great China region, accumulating rich experience in headhunting in the financial industry, and in the incubation, formation, operation and post-investment services of fund companies.
Yi Guangtao
Marketing Consultant
Famous marketing expert. Chief executive of Suqin association and chief expert of its innovation communication laboratory. Also an expert of think tank of international innovation award ECI and Vice Secretary-General of China Media Integration Experts Committee. Part-time Master Supervisor of School of Journalism and Communication of Xiamen University. One of the people who initiated One Show in China,a world innovation award. Member of the International Public Relations Association of China, the chief strategy advisor of one of China’s Top 20 communications groups and the co-founder of Jiae, founder of VCONT.
Yin Lizhi
Public Relations Consultant
Secretary-General of Zhongguancun Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (ZVCA), Secretary-General of Beijing Venture Capital Investment and Innovative Service Alliance, and founder of Kuaichuang Business School. A graduate student tutor of Peking University, once selected by Xinhuanet as the Economic Figure of the Year, establishing Kuaichuang Business School, a state-level creative space, and jointly establishing Beijing Venture Capital Investment and Innovative Service Alliance with Beijing E-Town International & Development Co., Ltd,, ChinaEquity Group and INNO Fund.
Luo Bin
Consultant of public relationships
Partner of Garage Coffee, researcher of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence research institute of school of economics and management of Tsinghua University. He worked at advertising public relations companies like Blue Focus, Linksus Marketing and Trends. He has an experience of 12 years in media public relations industry, providing brand marketing services for hundreds of companies.
Lin Posong
Digital creative consultant
Senior design curator, founder of D9X Social Innovation Platform, and secretary general of Design Platform Union. He has twenty years of design work experience, and he is senior designer, has undertaken Beijing Olympic Games exhibition, Beijing International Design Week, Beijing International Photography Exhibition and other major projects. In 2013, he founded D9X design incubator and hatched 300 design teams successively.
Wu Xiaohong
Guidance Counselor
A partner of Blockchain Dream Works, senior practitioner in the investment of Internet Finance, PE and VC; in 2015, he began setting foot in the blockchain industry, accumulating extensive experience in the operation of blockchain projects, and once designing excellent technical plans, application plans and operation plans for multiple blockchain projects.
Support Units
Investment incubation
Crypto Capital, Showlink, Biben Capital
Technical Support
Jingtong Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Since 2011, the company has developed the blockchain bottom technology and owns blockchain bottom platform with completely independent intellectual property, becoming the most excellent blockchain bottom technology in the world with the highest performance index and the highest technology maturity. Jingtong Network Technology Co., Ltd. will provide "" with specific technical implementation guarantee.
We will perform a roadshow, starting from the following cities
1st station
2nd station
3rd station
4th station
5th station
Development Planning
The launching of the project
Official Web site is on-line
Be on 2-3 mainstream exchanges
Blockchain storing services with copyright be opened firstly
Landing of the first digital creative design application
Landing of the first digital creative image application
Corporative Partners
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